Mellor & Townscliffe Golf Club

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Mellor & Townscliffe: Course Open Tuesday 28th November matts must be used

Tue 28
Wed 29
Thu 30

Mellor & Townscliffe

Golf Club

Situated where the Cheshire Plain meets the High Peak, our golf course enjoys stunning views over 5 counties. 

We are an inclusive and friendly club, in the exclusive rural village of Mellor.

Mellor & Townsliffe Golf Club operates as a Community Amateur Sports Club.  The club is open to all sections of the community and its primary purpose is to promote the playing of golf with memberships and facilities that are open to all without any form of discrimination.

Whilst our club is steeped in history, having been established since 1894, we take a modern approach.  

Come and see for yourself; you'll receive a warm welcome.

About The Club

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